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Get the best out
of your people

Engaging team workshops and
group training to empower, elevate
and unleash your peoples’ greatness

Invest in your valuable humans


People’s career ambitions go beyond a fancy tile and regular pay pack.

They desire meaning, engagement, rewards, growth and opportunities.

If their needs are not met, they’ll explore other options.

And we know the cost of replacing a good person

far outweighs investing in their development.

With over thirty years’ experience training and developing professional services teams, I believe that the most positive contribution to your bottom line comes through investing in your people.


of women said a lack of career development would be a reason they would consider leaving their organisation*

* Women RISING – The voice of women at work 2023 research report

A team that grows together has more impact


Happier, fulfilled, engaged people contribute more,
stick around and boost the bottom line

You build a better business
when you build a better team

What do your people need to be their best?

You tell me, I’ll take care of the rest.

And if you’re stuck, I’ve got plenty of ideas after decades of seeing what works and what doesn’t.

Together, we’ll create an interactive group workshop or training program that focuses on the outcomes you want.

They can be delivered in person or on-line over a half day, full day, weeks, months or years.

The longer we have, the deeper we dive
and the greater the results.

Hot topics to grow together

Courageous Me

unleashing limitless potential

Step up in work and life, breakthrough invisible barriers that hold you back, and take courageous action to be seen, heard, and fully valued.


crack the code of human connection

Master the powerful skills that bots can’t beat – human connection. Up the ante with how you communicate, connect, and converse with others to build deeper relationships .

Lead your way

unlocking the leader within

Look inward to become a more effective leader outwardly. This session is for current or aspiring leaders eager to grow, adapt, and make a greater impact leading themselves and inspiring others.

Valuing you

bringing your essence to life

Unlock happiness and success through self-awareness, selfworth, and self-mastery. Explore who you are and your true ‘why,’ and align all you do with your core values, virtues, and vows.

A valuable mind

pursuing what people really want

Develop a value mindset and understand how it drives human thinking, actions, and behaviour. Tap into this invisible force that influences all decision-making in life and business.

Catapult your career

write your own success story

Amplify your contribution at every stage of your professional journey. Open doors to endless opportunities for growth and advancement in your career.

There’s loads more where this came from.

If you can’t see what you want, ask and we shall create.

“It was a must attend workshop that I absolutely loved!”

The Valuable woman workshop

“An inviting and fun space with great content which was relevant and immediately actionable.”

“Excellent workshop for women who want to invest in themselves. Really enjoyed it and left very inspired and motivated!”

“Kim is full of energy and wisdom; her inspirational stories made me think about my strength and my unique traits and talents.”

A learning shared is a result improved

The core ingredients of all workshops and trainings

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Engaging content that opens
minds to endless possibilities.

Experince icon


Hands-on interaction and activities
to experiment and practice.

COnnect icon


Practical tips and actions
to turn learning into reality.

Action icon


Clear next steps for lasting
value and ongoing impact.

Engage icon


Active participation to encourage
sharing and contribution.

Laugh icon


Laughter is at the heart of
everything we do.

A program for greatness.

If you people need more, we’ll create a program to bring out their best

Workshops masterclasses training webinars programs

Buddy and peer sessions

Assessments and diagnostics

Group and private coaching

Management meets and updates

Accountability and follow up

Tools and templates

Feedback and ongoing support

Better people, better business

Words of praise

In the 3 years of working with Kim, we have enjoyed more success than in all the previous 12 years put together.
What we got was something much more profound. Kim has not only helped us create an outstanding business by prompting us to see all of what we do through the eyes of our clients and ensuring that it is of value to them, but most importantly she has helped us create an environment which is FUN.

Kim is a true facilitator. She asks the hard questions and helps find the right answers for us, without imposing her judgement on us. She creates an environment which feels safe to try out crazy ideas and not withstanding her vast experience, never tells you how to suck eggs.

Kim is extremely well connected and generously introduces valuable expertise as required. Kim is intelligent, insightful, warm, and confident enough to add value to even the most experienced professional..

Catherine Robson Founder | Affinity Private
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The feedback from the team was outstanding and everyone is inspired, engaged and aligned on the same goals.
I felt we had stagnated and could be doing better. Kim’s energetic and fun style enabled her to build rapport with our team quickly. She’s an expert facilitator with a real skill for making everyone feel their opinion is valued. As a result, all levels of the business were fully engaged and sharing ideas, and we got so much value out of the session.

Kim keeps it simple and relatable, but the results are powerful. She doesn’t just help us come up with the ideas and leave us to it though. Kim ensures that plans get put into action and has a wealth of tools and resources to make it easy.

The work we’ve done with Kim infiltrates through everything we do as a business and it’s so exciting seeing the results it is bringing.

Kim’s passion for helping businesses is contagious and she is such a pleasure to work with on both a professional and personal level. I’d highly recommend her as a speaker, workshop facilitator or business transformation extraordinaire!

Rebecca Hanifin Financial Spectrum | Head of Marketing
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“The feedback we have received from our members has been outstanding. From our very first meeting, through to the delivery of our programme workshops, we knew we made the right choice.”
At the outset, our business objectives were well understood, we were kept informed every step of the way and finally, the workshops were extremely well facilitated.”

Partner Plus Programme | Choice Aggregation Services
Dennis D'Angelo National Commercial & Sales Manager
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Kim has been instrumental in being able to help take what was already a good business to one that is now benchmarked in our industry.
The main benefits Kim was able to bring to our business was her ability to teach us how to communicate our knowledge and experience to our current and prospective clients in a way that was easily understood and valued by the client.

At a business level, Kim helped me, and my team clearly identify who we are and what our strengths are. From Kim’s engagement at a business level I asked Kim to work with me on a personal level as my business coach to continue to challenge me, improve on my areas of weakness and to use as a valued sounding board on all issues I face at both a business and personal level.

I would encourage anyone who is looking to improve their business or themselves to meet with Kim to gain a sense of how she could help take you and your business to the next level.

Katrina Gay - Director, Financial Adviser | Nicholson Financial Planning
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