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Why public speaking is life changing

Do you break into a sweat at the thought of public speaking? Or do you thrive on the adrenaline rush of being on stage?

For me, speaking is my happy place. I can’t sing or dance, so the stage is my outlet for performing.

And I feel so at ease on stage or with a microphone because it’s never about me.

It’s about the audience.

Whether sharing my insights at work or recalling cherished memories at a friend’s event, I always focus on giving the audience a memorable and enjoyable experience.

As a result, I’ve never felt the need to be personally vulnerable.

But now, things have changed.

Over time, my passion has shifted towards empowering others to be their best selves.

I want to help them build better businesses, become influential leaders, and take bold career steps.

And you know what I’ve discovered?

The more I open up, speak from my heart, and embrace vulnerability, the more significant its positive impact on others.

It’s interesting how embracing being an imperfect human and adding a dose of courage can make such a difference.

That’s what inspired the name of my new podcast “Courageous Me.”

Recently, on the podcast I had the privilege of interviewing Bonita Nuttall, a phenomenal public speaking coach
and mentor.

Our conversation was an eye-opener, leading to an epiphany that explained my unusual comfort with speaking.

I realised that if I avoided vulnerability, I felt safe—even on stage.

Bonita’s story was the kick up the backside needed to push my boundaries and be more vulnerable speaking (personally and professionally).


So I can make a bigger impact.

And I find most people, when asked why they do what they do, say “I want to help people”.

So if your journey to helping more people involves speaking up, finding your voice, and sharing from the heart, you’ll love this episode with Bonita.

It’s called “The Transformative Power of Public Speaking.

Trust me; you’ll thank me afterward.

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