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"I've seen a lot of speakers in my life, that was the best.

Seriously never seen anything as good.”

~ Dr Simone Bamford ~

Your unforgettable event

When you invest your time and money in developing your people, you want it to be worth it.


My mission is to help make your event unforgettable and leave a lasting impact on your audience.


I’ll get them thinking, interacting, and laughing while etching a powerful message
in their minds that inspires action.


With three decades of experience transforming professionals through speaking gigs, I know the real value is in changing lives.


I bring that change by sharing my wealth of experience, backed by in-depth research, and delivering it with a fun and engaging style that gets everyone imagining what’s possible.


I'd love to contribute to your next event, and leave your attendees raving about its value and impact.

My secret sauce

A huge serve of energy

Energised people are more inspired to act.

A pouring of engagement

Engaged people turn in and pay attention

A big dose of entertainment

Laughter makes learning more enjoyable.

An epic experience

Even the most diligent person forgets most of what they learn once they return to the real world. They’re human.

But what if they were part of an interactive experience that truly stirred their soul instead of another run of the mill presentation?

An event where they walk away feeling connected, inspired, and clear on what to do next.

They’d love you forever.

If you want to make this kind of impact, let’s chat about creating an epic experience together.

Courageous Me

putting extraordinary into everyday

Courage is life’s secret sauce that turns the ordinary into something special.

One brave act can set off a ripple effect and turn every day into a masterpiece of opportunity.

Imagine what’s possible if courage took centre stage in your life, not just in heroic moments but in your everyday choices.

This session is about the power of courage to dance with your limits, flip the mundane script, and upgrade yourself to a more empowered version of yourself.

Discover how courage has whispered and roared, shaping your life, and tune in now as it invites you to step into something more. Something extraordinary.

Key learnings:

  • Understand why courage is the root of change.
  • Practical ways to tap into courage every day.
  • Navigate how courage and fear are partners for good.
  • Discover the power of one courageous step.
  • Recognise how everyone’s story, including yours, inspires others.


A perfect fit for:

Those hungry for more in life who are willing to leap into the unknown and bring out the extraordinary that’s within.


the human superpower that beats the bots

With the rise of digital and AI, your ultimate superpower is your ability to build and grow relationships, making humans more indispensable than ever before.

Technology may have the edge with speed, but you outshine it when it comes to how you make people feel.

This session delves into the depth of creating genuine human connections, acknowledging that even in business, people want to feel seen and heard.

They crave meaningful relationships, deeper connections, and breathtaking experiences.

Bring this to life by tapping into the most potent skill the bots can’t beat: human connection.

Key learnings:

A perfect fit for:

Those wanting to up the ante and make a bigger impact by unlocking their unique human superpower – connection.


the key to unlocking success

Crack the ‘success’ code by being more valuable.

Understanding value lies at the core of success.

Yet very few have cracked the illusive code to harness this invisible force shaping our destinies.

Value is the key that unlocks our true selves and defines the quality of our lives and the impact we leave on the world. It’s as unique as a fingerprint, with the power to be self-defined or dictated by others—the choice is yours.

This session focusses on cultivating a mindset and framework to be more valuable, paving the way for success across all areas of life.

Key learnings:

kimpayne Retreat Elements

A perfect fit for:

Those looking to up their game, redefine success, improve results, and have more impact.

Event organisers were stoked

“ At our recent conference, Kim ’ s sessions were the two highest rated sessions and advisers have asked for further masterclass workshops with Kim.
Kim is a passionate and vibrant presenter. I also love how versatile and adaptable Kim is as a speaker and how she takes the time to listen to our requirements and then tailors her presentation to ensure the delivery is spot on. This is rare and very much appreciated! ”

Simone Munro | Head of Professional Development | Fortnum Private Wealth Ltd
“ Kim delivered a brillian t and highly motivating presentation which for me was the standout session of the Lifespan conference.
Kim delivered a brilliant and highly motivating presentation which for me was the standout session of the Lifespan conference in Hobart last week follow ed by a wonderful panel discussion with Lucy, Daniel and Dione which led to some exciting conversations for several days after. Love your work Kim = you ROCK! ”

Michael Gershkov | National Practice Manager | Lifespan Financial Planning
“ Our amazing s peaker, Kim Payne, brought a whole lot of heart, energy, enthusiasm and lots of love to another fantastic FAN (Female Accountants Network) event!
Kim inspired everyone to bring a little human flavour and colour (there ’s always a place for HOT PINK!) to t he professional table. ”

Cassandra Risteska | Co - President | Female Accountants Network
“ In each State she was unanimously rated as the best speaker that presented to our people. ”
Our total audience that she addressed was just over 200 of our Authorised Representatives. She is very articulate speaker, with a very casual light style of speaking that keeps the attention of her audience. ”

Synchron Professional Development Days Paul Riegelhuth | Director
“ The audience loved Kim ’ s presentati on from start to finish. They still refer back to some of her nuggets months after. A simple but powerful message delivered with passion and enthusiasm – perfect! ”
Peter McCarthy |Founder / Director | My Prosperity
“We valued your professional approach to help understand our context and design such a high quality and energising session."
Methodist Ladies College | Staff learning team
“ I was so impressed by Kim ’ s engaging and impactful presentation, I knew I had to get her working with o ur team.”
I engaged Kim after seeing her speak at a financial planning industry conference. I was so impressed by her engaging and impactful presentation, I knew I had to get her working with our team. Kim ’ s passion for helping businesses is contagious and she is such a pleasure to work with on both a professional and personal level. I ’ d highly recommend her as a speaker, workshop facilitator or business transformation extraordinaire!

Rebecca Hanifin | Financial Spectrum | Head of Marketing
“ Kim fostered a high degree of energy and engagement between the participants and smoothly transitioned the sessions between the various presenters."
"Kim was engaged to MC our 2017 National Conference in Queensland. We found her well prepared and highly professional. I have no hesitation in recommending her for similar engagements."

Matthew Cassidy | Managing Director | Partners Wealth Group
“ Brilliant presentation. All attendees thoroughly enjoyed the session.
A massive thank you to you, for yo ur brilliant presentation and your commitment and energy that you put into my event, it is greatly appreciated and all attendees thoroughly enjoyed the session. I love your passion and work ethic and hope that we can work more in the future together. ”

Kir rily Stevens | Business Development Manager | Zurich Financial Services
“ The feedback we have received from our members has been outstanding. From our very first meeting, through to the delivery of our programme workshops, we knew we made the right choice. ”
At the outset, our business objectives were well understood, we were kept informed every step of the way and finally, the workshops were extremely well facilitated. ”

Partner Plus Programme | Choice Aggregation Services Dennis D'Angelo National Commercial & Sales Manager
“ Your session was the conference stand out. Thank you"
Rachael Bell | Business Consultant | Affinia
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Kim in action


Attendees raved

Kim changed my life! All of Kim’s sessions were spectacular. Extremely useful information that can be implemented immediately.

Kim is a dynamic and funny speaker who can convey to the audience a large number of practical ideas that a services firm can implement quickly and easily.

Motivational, engaging and inspirational.

A great presentation. It was overflowing with your awesome energy, well done!
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“ Having sat through numerous presentations over the past 10 years from business coaches, motivational speakers, industry experts and successful business owners across various industries, I can honestly say Kim is one of the few speakers that has engaged me enough to believe that she could add significant value to our business. ” I really enjoyed listening to Kim speak – I loved her passion and energy.

Outstanding and entirely on the mark.

Great energy! Great ideas! Very funny.
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“ Love love loved your speech yesterday. You reminded me to give myself a kick in the backside! I'm very social and confident but in putting myself out there (especially on video) or talking to my value (which I know I have a lot of, as do my clients tell me), I really struggle. A day at a time, but the first step counts right? Keep inspiring! ”

I loved your presentation and the way it was articulated!

Passionate and gave some real takeaways to try.

Fantastic exuberance
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I’m almost speechless. You’re the first person in 10 years that I’ve me that actually gets all of it, not just a few unrelated bits of it.

Very passionate, committed, articulate, great messages

Great choice of presenter.

Loved this session!

Loved Kim and shared some rea lly useful tips .

Amazing, very punchy & inspiring
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I enjoyed your talk immensely. I went to work with a spring in my step, and was motivated to make many calls to various clients, with some great outcomes.

I have had the pleasure to hear you present on a number of occasions over the last few years and your message(s) really resonate with me. ”

I really enjoyed your refreshing approach earlier this week at the MLC PD Day

Excellent presentation!

Terrific with loads of valuable tools to help
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Using real life examples was great to enforce understanding of subject.

Extremely motivating, inspiring.

Telling‘ stories’ with the presentation made it relative and interesting.

Top notch and very useful. Definitely gives you a lot to think about. ” Incredibly informative & reinforced what I need to do! Thanks Kim!
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Re-thinking what’s possible.