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The Courageous Me podcast

Inspiring you through incredible stories and practical ways to bring more courage into your life. 

Ep 47. How to thrive in life with cardiologist Dr Jodie-Ann Senior

I accept my humanity, but I also want to be the best version of myself that I can.

Ep 46. Empowering women to have a voice with Elizabeth Naumovski

I surround myself with incredible women which means I know that I will never fail

Ep 45. Courage is hard, stuck is worse

The fear of the unknown can be scary; staying stuck is worse.

Ep 44. Standing up for yourself is a stand for others with Melina Regnier

When you stand up for yourself, nothing can hold you back.

Ep 43. Get unstuck by accessing your subconscious mind with Karim Boktor

When you change what's inside, everything gets better

Ep 42. Unlocking happiness using your creative powers with Abi Gatling

Creativity is not just about artistic endeavours, it’s a way of thinking and problem solving.

Ep 41. Believing you are worthy

"Your self-worth is the foundation of your fulfillment" Jamie Kern Lima.

Ep 40. Becoming who you want to be with Shelly Medina

Sometimes, all it takes is a conversation about who you’ve been and who you want to become that changes everything.

Ep 39. Breaking barriers and connecting to your inner power with Vee R-Byrne

When you look back at all that you've been through, it will tell you who you are.

Ep 38. Uncover your creative genius with Abi Gatling and Kim Payne

Everyone is creative, even you!