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Where confidence and ambition unite

An empowering 8-week group mastermind for kickass, go-getting professional women to find the clarity, support, and mentorship to align your CONFIDENCE with your AMBITION

As a smart, high-performing, go getter,
does this ring a bell?

Or this?


of women say the biggest challenge they face in their career is lack of confidence and moments of self-doubt*

* Women RISING – The voice of women at work 2023 research report

You’re not where you thought you’d be and you’re unsure what to do.

If nothing changes, your biggest fear is the
frustration and regret of not reaching your potential.

You’re not alone

I have faced all these challenges since my parents divorced when I was three.

I spent most of my life seeking validation and approval from others to prove my worth.

I became a classic over-achiever, a people pleaser, who chased perfection, and anything less than an A+ was proof I wasn’t good enough.

Drawing from my lived experience and years
of research, I’ve turned what was once a curse into my life’s calling.

I’m passionate about helping high-performing, ambitious women overcome these challenges and live a purposeful, kickass life.

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“My relationship with Kim has been life changing and so much of my personal and professional success I credit to her.”
~ Catherine Robson ~
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Imagine if your confidence 

matched your ambition

“Kim is full of energy and wisdom; her inspirational stories made me think about my strengths and my unique traits and talents.”

You’re a natural go-getter, wired for growth.

 Learning, developing, and achieving are part of your DNA.

Since you were little, you’ve been a high performer striving to be your best.

With big dreams and ambitious pursuits, there’s no time to waste.

You’re ready to confront the pesky inner critic that could sabotage your success and wholeheartedly pursue your destiny.

A courageous woman

Is smart, savvy, and achieves greatness.

Shares her gifts in a meaningful way.

Pursues growth and expands her comfort zone.

Put’s herself ‘out there’ and makes an impact.

Believes in herself and overcomes challenges.

Willingly shows up, speaks up, and steps up.

Feels confident, courageous, and valued.

Is empowered and knows her worth.

Want this to be you?

Courageous Me.Mastermind

Where your confidence and ambition unite.

What’s in it for you

You’ll get to:


Clarify what you want, what’s holding you back, and what changes would help you get ahead.


Tap into your inner confidence, expand your comfort zone, and show up, speak up, and step up fully.


Believe in yourself, own your value and feel empowered to move forward, welcoming the unknown.


Be open and vulnerable, speak freely and honestly, and be yourself without judgement or expectation.


Identify and break free from limiting beliefs and make decisions about your life as you choose.



Apply practical, proven tools and techniques that free you to pursue whatever you want, without regret.

Hello confidence, goodbye doubt.
Embrace your ambitious, kickass self.

Courageous ME.Mastermind in action



Eight (8) weeks
starting early Feb 2024



The first session is to get to
know each other and set the
foundations, intentions,
and possibilities.

Duration: Ninety (90) mins


Learning labs

Live engaging masterclass
sessions to learn concepts,
inspire thinking and
develop skills.

Duration: One-hour every
second Monday


Action leagues

Live interactive, practical
sessions to discuss learnings,
ask anything, share experiences,
and hot seat coaching.

Duration: One hour each ‘other’


Support crew

A safe space to share,
support, encourage and get
help in our Courageous Me
WhatsApp Group.

When: Anywhere, anytime
during the mastermind


Growth hacks

Any tools, resources,
templates and activities will
be provided as needed
before or after each session.

When: As needed


Absentee access

All on-line sessions are
conducted on zoom and
recorded for future
reference or if you’re away.


VIP upgrade

Add on a private 45 mins
coaching session to focus on
your specific challenges.
Book up to three.

When: a time that suits you

Together, you benefit from…


Community cheer squad

When smart, ambitious women unite with a mission for growth, we’re unstoppable. Encouragement, collaboration, and backing each other elevates us all.

Together, we can do so much more.

A collective genius

Real change requires a willingness to try, an open mind, and fresh perspectives. This is a safe space to be curious, ask questions, challenge your beliefs, and imagine what’s possible.

Accountability for action

With a support crew by your side, commitment becomes effortless. We’ll keep you on track, offer valuable feedback, provide tough love, and cheer you on at every step. You’ve got this!

Resourceful growth hacks

To keep progressing, I’ll provide practical tools and resources, including references to books, podcasts, articles, videos, worksheets, and other materials to help fast-track your success.

Confidence is a choice

For ambitious women.

We’re not meant to be.

Courageous Me.Mastermind 

is a choice

if you’re ready to take courageous action and live a
kickass liberated life where you’re seen, heard, and fully valued.

Hi, Kim here.

kimpayne Mastermind

As a keynote speaker, trainer, and empowerment coach for three decades, I’ve been helping brilliant professionals who, despite their impressive credentials and accomplishments, often feel frustrated and undervalued.

They’re looking for more than just traditional success measures. They want to feel fulfilled and rewarded in all aspects of their lives. To be clear on their purpose, do meaningful work and feel confident as themselves.

At the height of my corporate consulting career in financial services, as a single, 35 year-old workaholic, I was offered my dream job with a large consulting firm in the USA. All set to go, I had a nagging feeling something was missing. So, I declined the offer and, six weeks later, met the love of my life, settled down, and started a family.

This turning point kickstarted my journey to find more meaning and purpose in my life. As a result, I left the corporate world after twenty years for the freedom of owning my own business. I’ve never looked back.

I understand the challenges that women face, whether they run their own business, lead organizations, are starting out, or advancing their careers. I’ve faced many of these challenges myself and have learned how to turn them into opportunities.

My mission is to help more incredible women take courageous action and live kickass liberated lives where they’re seen, heard, and fully valued.

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Your Courageous.Me mentor

kimpayne Mastermind

Words of praise

from women I’ve mentored

My relationship with Kim has been life changing and so much of my personal and professional success I credit to her.
Kim was introduced to me when I was on the verge of burn out and questioning whether financial planning was a satisfying and sustainable career for me. As a mentor, Kim is always pushing me to expand the boundaries of what I feel is possible. Kim helped me find balance in my life, rediscovering the joy in helping clients achieve their goals. She opened my mind to the possibility of owning my own business and gave me the confidence to strive to be the best in my field.

Kim is a wonderful role model who is not afraid to take risks. Seeing her go from strength to strength in her businesses given me enormous confidence to follow her lead. She never too busy or too involved with other project to help, guide, mentor or spark new ideas.

Catherine Robson | Founder Affinity Private
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Through our discussions I developed an incredible appreciation for who I am and all I have achieved.
Your knowledge and insights over our sessions affected and impacted me profoundly. No more self-doubt here. Life is a wonderful journey of twists and turns. I have surprised myself with the direction I am heading, retuning to recruitment but if feels so right.

So thank you, thankyou, thankyou, for being you, sharing your insights and helping me assess what’s important to me as I launch into a new chapter of life turning 50.

Vanessa Dean
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I loved being mentored by Kim, who inspired me to grow both, personally and professionally, and develop my talents.
In terms of execution, her track records were flawless, she had the capabilities to improve my confidence in my ability to succeed. We have successfully implemented every campaign we agreed on, and I contribute that success to her ability to guide me through the process and her excellent mentoring skills.

She is a great role model, a master of continuous improvement and applies her ‘soft’ skills to ensure others progress and develop further. I felt her active-listening mode was always turned on, she was tuned into my needs and my needs only.

Natallia Smith | Director | TruWealth
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Under her guidance I realised what I loved most, and what resonated most strongly with my WHY.
Kim Payne is such an inspirational mentor and coach.

Under her guidance I realised that what I loved most, and therefore what resonated most strongly with my WHY.

This frees me up to do what I love and I could not have achieved this without Kim’s mentoring, patience, tough questioning and guidance.

Michelle Roberts - Adviser | BCV Financial Solutions
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I feel gratitude every day for the leaps she helped me make.
Kim is such a delight to work with, she is energetic, enthusiastic, supportive and caring, and she has a wealth of resources and experiences to draw on.

Katrina Gay - Director, Financial Adviser | Nicholson Financial Planning
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Courageous is a journey

Courageous Me.Mastermind supports you on yours

An investment in YOU

Your courageous self will thank you

One payment

AUD 1,800

Next intake
early Feb 2024

VIP upgrade

Take your growth to the next level and add up to three (3) 45 mins personal coaching sessions

(Private coaching sessions are usually AUD 500 outside this mastermind)

AUD 165

per coaching session

Got a question?

If you’re an ambitious, high-achieving working woman seeking to overcome challenges and accelerate your growth, this is for you.

Whether you’re just starting out, advancing your career, running your own business, or aspiring to do so, you’re welcome.

The only condition is that you’re committed to your growth and success.

Still not sure? Book a call and get all your questions answered.

Women tend to feel more comfortable and honest discussing their challenges when they know they are safe and supported.

Joining this mastermind brings you into a community of like-minded women on similar journeys, providing access to expert guidance tailored to address the unique experiences of women. The camaraderie within the collective group brings added encouragement, accountability, feedback, and friendships.

Even for introverts, the transformative power of collaboration, connections, and sisterhood that happens when women unite cannot be understated.

And did I mention how all of this boosts your confidence – one of th masterminds’ main ingredients.


We kick off on Monday 9 October 2023. Our formal catch-ups are on Mondays for an hour from 12pm-1pm for 8 weeks (the first session is 1.5 hrs), and you can do as much or as little in between.

I get that life is full-on, so most activities can be done on the job or during your personal time (if you don’t have time set aside for yourself, that’s a clue this is for you).

All live sessions are recorded so you can listen to the replays.
And if you’ve got a question, you can ask me or the other amazing women in the group, who I know will be delighted to help.

We’ll also have an exclusive Courageous Me WhatsApp Group where you can get help.

For sure! You can add up to three 45-min personal coaching sessions to the group mastermind.

In these sessions, we can cover whatever you need to break past what’s holding you back.

If you need more than three, we can chat about what that looks like. I’m here to help you succeed.

You own your results.

I aim to provide you with the guidance, mentorship, and support to succeed.

The actual results will depend on you. Real transformation does not happen overnight and requires an ongoing commitment to the changes you need to make.

They may include habits, behaviour, mindset, attitude, or belief changes. None of this is quick.

However, with solid foundations, you’re setting yourself up to succeed.

Ready to get your courage on?