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Life’s too short without colour

I love colour. Wearing it makes me happy. So I’ve been doing it more often.

At several events recently, I’ve had some interesting conversations, often in the ladies’ bathroom, where women have complimented the colour of my outfit. They express their admiration and say they wish they could wear something similar.

When I ask why they don’t, their responses include concerns about drawing too much attention, feeling uncomfortable or self-conscious, not being brave enough, or feeling like they can’t pull it off.

Interestingly, many admit that they own a suit, dress, or jacket in a similar colour but haven’t mustered the courage to wear it. When questioned why they bought it in the first place, they reveal that when they tried it on in the changing room, they felt amazing.

So, I ask, if it made you feel amazing enough to buy it, why not wear it? I’ll guarantee once you do, you’ll wonder why you postponed it for so long.

This serves as a metaphor for life. What brings you joy, but you’re avoiding doing it? Or have you ever thought, “I used to do that,” and wondered why you stopped? It happens to most of us.

In my latest research, I’ve been interviewing successful professional women to explore what success means to them and what holds them back.

Almost unanimously, a common theme in the conversations is the things in life that used to give them pleasure they’ve stopped doing. Or something they want to do, they’re delaying till ‘one day’. And most don’t have a good reason why they can’t do it now.

Some of the examples are painting just for fun, pottering in the garden, listening to crime podcasts, reading history books, changing the industry they work in, starting a side business, going for a big promotion, playing cardio tennis, or wearing that gorgeous green suit they fell in love with.

If you can relate, and there’s something you can do, take up, start doing or change that would make you happy, take this as a sign to do it.

So often, it’s simple things we could do that can make a difference.

If you need a hand or a dose of courage, I’m just a call or email away.

Life’s too short not to add colour.

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