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How a childhood passion turns into a thriving business

Did you ever love to dance as a kid or still get a kick out of strutting your stuff?

Or are your dance days now a distant memory?

Dancing was a dream of mine, but crooked elbows prevented me from pursuing it past grade 3.

Another attempt in my early 20’s, this time to be an entertainer on a cruise ship, was shut down when I was brutally told I couldn’t sing or dance (it’s true, I’m not being humble).

Then a few years from turning 50, I was introduced to Born to Boogie – a dance school for adults where you learn two routines over 13 weeks and then perform on stage.

Finally, my dream of being a dancer became a reality through Born to Boogie.

This week I had the most riveting conversation on the Courageous Me podcast with the founder of Born to Boogie, Tennille Chambers.

Fuelled by her passion for dancing and a lack of inspiration from mainstream jobs, Tennille took a bold step at age 30 to start a dance school.

Determined to make it a success, Tennille had to overcome self-doubt and the fear of rejection and go against societal expectations.

It was a journey of self-awareness and personal growth.
Tennille shares that Born to Boogie is not just about dancing.

It’s about transforming lives.

It’s a space where women are empowered to overcome insecurities, develop selfconfidence, and forge lifelong friendships.

It happens around a dance floor.

Tennille proves that a bold vision, courageous action, unwavering determination, and a supportive community can make any dream come true. We cover:

  • How confronting fears leads to remarkable growth.
  • Your past stories do not define your future.
  • Turning a childhood passion for dance into a business.
  • Developing a business mindset without formal training.
  • Overcoming the fear of rejection to fulfill a bigger vision.
  • Embracing vulnerability and self-belief is part of the journey.
  • The power of a supportive community for personal growth


It’s pure gold!

Tune in and hear Tennille’s heartmoving story; it may encourage you to get your boogie on!


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