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This episode shows what happens when you say YES to being interviewed for a podcast only 24 hours before it’s recorded in front of a live audience!

Born and raised in the UK, Kate Edwards came to Australia for a dream inspired by the popular Aussie soap Home and Away.

Instead of living beachside, she found herself in the outback town of Nyngan, NSW, where her courage was truly tested.

Growing up in a family with a winning mentality and where failing was not an option, Kate faced a brutal situation in Australia that tested her limits and revealed her incredible power. She turned a dire situation into a movement that now inspires thousands of women and prevents them from suffering the same fate.

Kate shares the moment when she hit rock bottom.

She was living in a shed, barely scraping enough money to put food in the fridge, and on a stinking hot Melbourne day without air conditioning, she lay her precious one-year-old son to bed in his sweat.

She knew this was the turning point.

Determined, she declared, “There’s got to be another way; I was made for something better, I was built for something bigger, I was not made to fail, and I will not fail.”

Kate learned to survive on her own, and when her son was diagnosed with non-verbal autism at age two, it ignited a fire in her to create a safe space and community for other mothers and provide the support and know-how to generate an income for themselves.

Despite her challenges, Kate found a way to reclaim her identity, sparkle, and become the amazing Kate Edwards again.

Her phenomenal story had the audience in tears, empathizing with her hardships and laughing at her antics. She is real, raw, entertaining, and a true trooper.

During the conversation, Kate proclaimed her mission to inspire one million women to earn a million dollars each—a daunting yet empowering goal. Watch her go!


What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How you soldier on when things are tough when you know no different.
  • Finding the strength to walk away from hardship, even when going back, seems easier.
  • The power of reaching out and asking for help.
  • How social media helped Kate rediscover her sparkle.
  • The importance of leading with your heart to avoid failure.
  • Surround yourself with people who are more inspired by you than you are by yourself.
  • Pursuing goals that scare you can help you overcome the fear of success.
  • What it takes to go from not speaking up to creating an empire that champions others.


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Kate, on a professional note:

Meet Kate Edwards, a highly accomplished networking professional with over 7 years of experience in the industry. Kate began her journey after escaping a DV situation fleeing states with her 11-month-old son.

Katie is a Social Media Marketing Specialist Building communities of over 40,000 people and connecting Women worldwide to a safe supportive environment enabling women to thrive and empower each other. 

Katie has earned a reputation as a leader and mentor in the networking community. She is a sought-after speaker and trainer, and has delivered inspiring talks and workshops to thousands of people around the world and is known as a co-founder of “Go high level Women” the unicorn movement 🦄

Katie  is a best-selling author of SOCIAL IMPACT and is currently working on her 2nd book release, called Finding her voice 💜