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In this episode, I reflect on the power of storytelling and shared experiences, highlighting how hearing others’ journeys can inspire courageous actions in our own lives.

I share some personal insights on breaking free from autopilot and pursuing what truly lights us up.

I discuss the ripple effect of our actions on others and how our decisions can mentor and influence those around us.

Additionally, I highlight 85 life lessons learned from observing my Dad living a full life as I prepare to celebrate his 85th birthday.


What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Your actions or inaction are constantly influencing others.
  • How you live your life impacts others directly or indirectly, so make it a happy life.
  • How our actions and behaviours serve as unconscious mentoring for others.
  • The importance of pursuing what brings you joy.
  • Eighty-five valuable life lessons learned from observing my Dad.
  • The leadup and aftermath help us when making a decision.


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