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Armoring women from the outside and building them up from the inside… with inspirational blazers. 

Diana Nguyen, the fearless founder of Madison Savile, shares her journey of leaving a successful 15-year career in finance and tech to pursue her passion for fashion. She reflects on her childhood dreams of being an entrepreneur and the unwavering determination she felt when career coaches confirmed her path.

She realized she was meant for more while working at a big four firm, where everyone else aspired to make ‘partner’, but all she wanted to do was run. This led her to find her purpose in creating blazers that empower women and inspire them to step into their power.

Diana discusses the challenges she faced as a newcomer to business and the value of others sharing their struggles and normalizing the roller-coaster ride of entrepreneurship. She emphasizes the importance of persevering and knowing your “why.” And Diana shares how the signs and messages she received reaffirmed her path and gave her the courage to keep going.

Now, as the founder and designer, Diana explains how Madison Savile is more than just a clothing brand; it’s a powerful platform for inspiration and empowerment. She said, “I wanted to change the narrative for women with a good-looking blazer that makes you feel so badass because you look so good.”

With affirmations on the inside of every blazer and the business tagline, “Armoring women from the outside and building them up from the inside,” she’s pursuing her purpose and helping women proudly wear their power.

This glorious conversation captures what’s possible when you bypass what’s expected and pursue something greater than yourself.


What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Following your calling from 15 years in finance and tech to founding a fashion brand.
  • Trusting your heart and gut, not the logic in your mind, even when you can’t see what’s ahead.
  • Receiving validation from coaches to follow a childhood dream.
  • Entrepreneurship is a roller-coaster journey you only understand once you’re in it.
  • Being asked, “Why don’t you just quit and go back to corporate?” is like adding fuel to a fire.
  • What to do when meeting the love of your life interrupts your plans.
  • Just because you’re good at something doesn’t mean you need to keep doing it.
  • Starting a business from scratch and learning on the job is more valuable than an expensive MBA.
  • Paying attention to signs when they all indicate you need to keep going.


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Get in touch with Diana or grab yourself a blazer :

Website: Madison / Savile   

LinkedIn: Diana Nguyen    

Instagram business: @madisonsavile    

Instagram personal: @dtnguyen21   


Listen to her podcast Madison / Savile Inspired  



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