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“I can’t believe the life that I have now and the life that I once had.”

In this deeply inspiring episode, Rebecca Timms (Bec) shares her incredible journey from feeling intrinsically unlovable, believing that if anyone knew who she was, they wouldn’t want anything to do with her, to accepting that she is perfect exactly as she is.

Bec discusses a pivotal moment in her life when she realised that being strong and tough wasn’t serving her and that what she thought was the secret to happiness wasn’t.

She talks about how embracing her feminine energy transformed her relationships and how a chronic debilitating illness became the catalyst that gave her the courage to start her own mortgage broking business, Realise Home Loans.

Now, living from her heart with a profound sense of self-acceptance, Bec guides people to explore their relationship with money and to build strong financial foundations, a crucial step towards unlocking their own happiness.

It’s a beautiful story that will touch your heart and open your mind to the potential we all have within us.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • The secret to happiness is not what you think.
  • How it feels when you realise who you’re presenting to the world is not truly you.
  • The disappointment that comes from pretending to be someone else for everyoneelse.
  •  The beauty in accepting you are perfect just as you are.
  • The power of following your inner knowing, even when it defies logic.
  • The value of learning to shift emotions and self-generate positive feelings.
  • How to rebuild after being broken down.
  • The transformation that comes from embracing the feminine.
  • Understanding that there are three bodies in a relationship, each with needs tobe met.
  • The freedom that comes from prioritising being you and acknowledging how far you’ve come.


Books Bec mentioned:
Happy for no good reason by Swami Shankarananda
Creating Union by Eva Pierrakos 
Eastern body, western mind by Judith Anodea 

Get in touch with Bec:
Website: Realise Homeloans 
IG: Realise home loans
IG: Broker.Bec 
FB Realise Home loans 
LinkedIn: Rebecca Timms 


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