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Midlife is not a crisis but an unravelling that makes space for knitting yourself back together in a way that allows you to flourish authentically in your second act.

In this riveting and transformative conversation, Sue West shares her powerful journey of reinvention and discovering her true calling later in life.

After a successful career in academia, during which she dedicated much of her life to addressing social problems and improving outcomes for children, the pandemic prompted Sue to enter a period of deep reflection.

During this time, she discovered her intuitive and empathic side, leading her to transition into coaching and mentoring women through life’s transitions.

She has since become a formidable ageism warrior, helping women tackle the challenges of midlife with confidence and hope.

Through Sue’s incredible journey, she has learned the power of experimentation, embracing a learner’s mindset, and understanding that reinvention is key to unlocking life’s possibilities.

Her story is a testament to the empowerment that comes from embracing change and living fulfilling lives. Throughout the episode, you’ll hear Sue’s contagious energy for helping women craft thriving “second acts” aligned with their true values and desires.

Whether you’re contemplating retirement, a career pivot, or want to flourish at any age or stage, Sue’s wisdom will inspire you to feel excited about all the delicious possibilities that await!

About Sue West:
Sue West is a certified coach, facilitator, and mentor who provides leadership and career coaching services. She is the Director of Flourish After Fifty, a practice dedicated to supporting women in their 50s, 60s, and 70s in living full and deeply satisfying lives.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • The challenges and consequences of owning your identity.
  • Recognising and appreciating your inherent value.
  • Shedding the “expert” mindset and embracing a beginner’s mentality to advance.
  • How deep self-reflection can help you discover new paths.
  • How small, exploratory steps through experiments or research can clarify your direction.
  • Why midlife is a time of unravelling that allows for re-creating oneself.


Sue kindly shared the glorious words on Courage written by the poet David White:

“Courage is the measure of our heartfelt participation with life, with another, with a community, a work; a future. To be courageous is not necessarily to go anywhere or do anything except to make conscious those things we already feel deeply and then to live through the unending vulnerabilities of those consequences.”

Get in touch with Sue:

Website: Flourish after Fifty 
Website: Sue West Coaching
LinkedIn: Sue West
Facebook: Flourish After Fifty


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