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“Set it up so you can continually pursue it when it gets hard.”

In this episode, Lauren Munday, an ex-schoolteacher turned business founder, opens up about her journey, from navigating the challenges of motherhood to embarking on the entrepreneurial path.

Drawing from her experiences playing women’s Aussie Rules football, she reflects on the transformative power of mindset in overcoming obstacles and getting what we want.

Throughout the conversation, Lauren emphasizes the importance of letting go of what no longer serves us and being mindful of external influences on our mindset.

She offers practical strategies for combating negative thoughts and emotions, including simple activities to shift our mental and physical states.

Her “think set go” philosophy underpins her approach to taking action and viewing setbacks as opportunities for growth.

In a delightful twist of fate, Lauren shares how she accidentally became an author.
Her book, “Mastering Your Mind for Success,” is set for release in June 2024.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • The significance of making conscious, purpose-driven decisions to achieve our goals.
  • How our mindset shapes our ability to succeed.
  • The powerful connection between our physical and mental states.
  • The importance of letting go of what no longer serves us.
  • Practicing mindfulness in what we consume for overall well-being.
  • The necessity to regularly reassess our goals for a fulfilling life.
  • Practical strategies for overcoming negativity and bouncing back from setbacks.
  • Embracing challenges and failures is part of life’s journey.
  • The serendipity of accidentally becoming a published author.

Lauren Munday is the founder of Think Set Go – a business that offers a fresh take on goal achievement and mindset education.

You can get her book, Mastering your Mind for Success here.

Get in touch with Lauren:

Website: Think Set Go
Instagram: Think Set Go
Facebook: Think Set Go. ThinkSetGoEducation
LinkedIn: Lauren Munday 


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