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“Courage is the portal, the key to unveiling, releasing, liberating one’s power.”

In this powerful episode, Sjeanne Cawdry takes you on a journey from powerless to powerful and shares the personal transformation she underwent to call back her power.

She recounts her experience when, despite society’s expectations, she bravely stepped into her true self, which left her feeling erased, confused, and deeply mistrusting in life. Remarkably, while navigating this inner turmoil, she maintained her elite status as a squash player for her country, competing at the highest international level.

A chance encounter at a bookstore triggered Sjeanne’s awakening, leading her to reclaim her power and embrace her wholeness. Throughout the conversation, she discusses the importance of trusting your heart’s calling and following the breadcrumbs of the soul, even when they lead to uncomfortable places.

At 33 years old, without any corporate experience, she followed her heart to pursue a successful 12-year career with one of South Africa’s leading Investment Banks. A recent calling prompted her relocate to the USA, where she is dedicated to empowering women leaders and changemakers through her speaking and coaching.

It’s a profound and powerful conversion, showcasing what’s possible when you open your heart and the portal to your soul.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Courage is the rocket fuel for sourcing your inner power.
  • Deciding and taking action to step into yourself and express it authentically.
  • Finding the path to calling back your power.
  • The opportunities that come when you trust the calling of your heart.
  • Liberating the mind-blowing potential energy within each of us.
  • The indicators that point you toward your life’s curriculum.
  • The concept of the trinity of trust.
  • Drawing intuitive wisdom from observing eagles in flight.
  • The importance of claiming and proclaiming your identity.

Resources referenced:

The power of Intention by Wayne Dwyer. 

Synchrodestiny by Deepak Chopra 

What the bleep do we know movie with Dr Joe Dispenza

Tapping the unseen mysteries of the universe by Walter Russell

Sjeanne Cawdry is CEO of Centre of Liberation and a liberation coach.
Center of Liberation is her advisory, coaching, and mentorship business where she provides transformative mentorship and advisory servers (one on one and programmes) to women leaders and changemakers.

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This offer of a free breakthrough session is valid until Monday 13th May.

Get in touch with Sjeanne:

Website: Center of Liberation
LinkedIn: Sjeanne Cawdry.
FB: Center of Liberation.
IG: centerofliberation.

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