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“If I can keep my sparkles happening every day, that’s success for me.” Bec Monforte

In this episode, Bec Monforte shares her courageous journey, which started when a seemingly perfect, fairy-tale life unexpectedly came crashing down.

She discusses how life on easy street turned into a series of personal struggles with IVF and the unexpected challenges that followed once she became a mother.

She reflects on a moment when she was curled up in tears at her parents’ home to four years later starting her own marketing business, Silver Lioness Marketing, and eventually taking over the Kingston Collective, a local business networking group.

Through her story, Bec highlights the importance of finding your silver lining and the freedom of showing up as your authentic true self. She realised there is no gold standard for happiness; it’s something you create and curate yourself. Like a lioness, Bec’s story shows her to be fearless, brave, quietly powerful, and feminine. And her ‘why’ is protecting her baby cub.

It’s a beautiful, emotive conversation that will inspire you to reach in and find your everyday courage.


What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Your tribe is everything.
  • You can be confident and accomplished in one area of life and vulnerable and scared in another.
  • Ticking everything off the happiness checklist is no guarantee of happiness.
  • The best advice she received from her male manager on maternity leave that changed her future.
  • From being broken and redundant from her familiar life to rebuilding it with a new identity.
  • Turning vulnerability into strength and setting your own gold standard.
  • How her inner lioness came out during the darkest times.
  • A quote by Jim Rohn she lives by: “If the why is powerful, the how is easy.”

Get in touch with Bec:

Silver Lioness Marketing

Website: Silver Lioness 

Instagram: silverlionessmarketing

LinkedIn: Silver Lioness Marketing


Kingston Collective:

Website: Kingston Collective

Instagram: Kingston Collective

Facebook: Kingston Collective Community

LinkedIn: Kingston Collective

Or on LinkedIn: Rebecca Monforte