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Discovering who we truly are and striving for personal growth is a quest that captivates so many of us. It’s like riding a thrilling rollercoaster, where the real joy is found in experiencing all the ups and the downs. It’s not easy and takes courage, determination, and honest self-reflection. Yet, the ongoing journey provides incredible rewards as we gain awareness of our true selves and uncover our purpose in this world.

To discuss one such journey, we’re joined by a ‘citizen of the world’, Ksenia Belova, who grew up in Russia, studied and lived in Italy for 12 years, and from 2011 found her passion – and herself – in Australia. Ksenia is an internationally published, award-winning Personal Branding Photographer. Also an NLP Master Practitioner, ex-marketing executive, Best-Selling Author, Speaker, and Mentor, she intuitively helps entrepreneurs share their passion and purpose through vibrant, personality-rich, and story-telling photos that instantly stand out, and welcome-in clients.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Why managing energy is key for success and how to tap into it.
  • Connecting to your intuition.
  • The battle between being the good girl, the ego and the rebel.
  • What real self-love looks like.
  • When the mind and heart crash.
  • The fear of success and it’s impact.
  • The value of surrender, vulnerability and acceptance.
  • Embracing our evolving identity.

For an energy boost:
Listen or dance to: Don’t stop me now by Queen


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FB: KseniaBelovaPhotography.
LI: kseniabelova
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