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“It’s hard to be who you are, but it’s harder to be who you’re not.” Kim Payne

In this episode, join me as I delve into the concept of identity and its profound impact on our lives. Together, we’ll explore the importance of being able to answer the
question, “Who are you?”

I’ll reveal the three key components necessary for a fulfilling life and share insights on embracing self-love, drawing from Matthew Hussey’s wisdom.

Plus, I’ll discuss Jim Carrey’s powerful message about pursuing your passions and reveal a profound quote from Dr. Joe Dispenza that holds the key to true freedom.

What you’ll learn:

  • Understand how our identity shapes our lives.
  • The three interconnected components that contribute to the quality of your life.
  • How to embrace self-love based on the teachings from Matthew Hussey
  • The value of pursuing your passion, inspired by Jim Carrey’s story
  • True liberation is  embracing and showing up as who you really are.

References from this episode:

Breaking the habit of being yourself by Dr Joe Dispenza.

Matthew Hussey’s new book Love Life

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