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“I believe I was put on this earth to serve a purpose, and I feel like I’m living that purpose now.”

In this gobsmacking episode, Terri Batsakis, a health coach, shares her experiences growing up in a challenging environment and how against the odds, she made the decision not to be defined by her circumstances and instead channelled it into finding her purpose and helping others.

Terri talks about her personal struggles and numerous health challenges, from battling anorexia and obesity, depression, and dyslexia to facing chronic pain and navigating menopause, and how she overcame them through personal development and self-awareness. She discusses the importance of understanding others’ perspectives and finding peace with her past to keep going.

Always up for a challenge, Terri has been nominated for and won multiple awards across business and body building, has run many successful businesses, and written a number of books including Unleash the Best Version of You. Watch out if you ever tell her she can’t do something.

Terri’s determination highlights the power of choice and the ability to rise above difficult circumstances, even during the darkest of times, and how it led her to study various aspects of health and nutrition, ultimately establishing her career as a health coach and founder of Freedom Fitness for Women, helping women navigate the mysteries of menopause.

Terri’s story is a remarkable journey of resilience and transformation, a true testament to the power of our human spirit to endure, overcome, and inspire.


What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Courage is about deciding not to be a victim and rising above difficult circumstances.
  • Self-awareness and personal development can help in understanding and accepting one’s past.
  • Understanding others’ perspectives can lead to finding peace and forgiveness.
  • Choice plays a significant role in shaping one’s life and overcoming challenges.
  • Overcoming health challenges requires determination and resilience.
  • Holistic health, including nutrition, exercise, and mindset, is essential for overall well-being.
  • Individualized approaches to menopause management are crucial.
  • Manifestation and faith can play a significant role in personal and professional growth.
  • Sharing personal experiences can inspire and empower others.


Terri Batsakis is a health coach and founder of Freedom Fitness For Women, helping women harmonise their hormones through menopause. With over 14 years in the health and fitness industry she has helped thousands of women through their journey to unleash the best version of themselves through mindset, lifestyle habits, nutrition, and exercise. 


Get in touch with Terri:


Web:  Freedom Fitness for Women.   

Facebook: Freedom Fitness for Women 

Instagram: @freedomfitnessforwomen  

Linked In: Terri Batsakis


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