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“I accept my humanity, but I also want to be the best version of myself that I can.”

Dr. Jodie-Ann Senior, a cardiologist and heart failure specialist, shares heart-warming stories and candid reflections on how courage has played a pivotal role across her life and how it helped her to show up even when things got really tough.

She reveals how her world fell apart after she lost three family members in her final year of school and then navigated the challenges of medical school when her head wasn’t in the game. She highlights the importance of endurance, decision-making skills, and shifting the focus from self to service, which is required in medicine and can be applied to everyday life.

From her personal and professional experience, she suggests that learning from mistakes, embracing vulnerability, moving past insecurities, finding inner joy, and prioritising self-care are the keys to surviving and thriving in life.

Join us for this captivating and enlightening conversation that will lift your spirits and encourage you to embrace life to the fullest.


What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Courage extends beyond bravery to simply showing up even when things arechallenging.
  • Mentors are crucial in providing guidance and support on the path to success.
  • Even accomplished individuals can grapple with self-doubt, inadequacy, and imposter syndrome.
  • The belief others have in you can be a powerful motivator to keep progressing.
  • Endurance, prioritizing tasks, and making prompt decisions are vital life skills.
  • Resilience involves learning from mistakes and moving on from regrets.
  • Putting your insecurities aside in favour of serving others and making a difference.
  • Finding internal peace, joy, and gratitude changes your state and physiology.
  • Self-care and self-awareness are essential for managing stress and preventing burnout.
  • Education and personal motivations are the foundations for behaviour change and managing health.


Dr Jodie-Ann Senior is a cardiologist and heart failure specialist, empowering patients to THRIVE, not just survive, through unique initiatives and programs that provide live and online multi-facet support to heart failure patients, empowering them with knowledge and mentoring to achieve optimal health.\


Get in touch with Dr Jodie-Ann Senior:

LinkedIn: Jodie-Ann Senior
YouTube: Dr Jodie-Ann Senior
IG: queenofheartsmelbourne

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