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The fear of the unknown can be scary; staying stuck is worse.

In this episode, I deep dive into the concept of feeling stuck and the discomfort it brings. That feeling like your wheels are spinning, but you’re not progressing. The only way to the other side is by taking action. Doing one something, taking the next step, even a teeny one, to move forward. I also share my story of being stuck in a 30-year career rut and how I broke free. Courage may be uncomfortable, but the alternative is worse.

Tune in if you need a boost of courage to get unstuck or unlock your potential.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How feeling stuck weighs you down.
  • That one teeny step in the right direction can spark incredible change.
  • Why progress is the key to happiness and success.
  • Expanding your comfort zone is more manageable than leaping out of it.
  • The invaluable lessons discomfort teaches us.
  • The incredible benefits that are waiting on the other side of courage.


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