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After moving from Egypt to Australia as a toddler, Karim’s life was far from perfect.

He was bullied at school, had no friends, developed a debilitating stutter, and required two rounds of weight loss surgery due to his unhealthy relationship with food.

He grew up believing that his world was unfair and unloving and that he was undeserving.

Then, after reaching rock bottom, something inside him shifted, and he decided to end this destructive cycle. Inspired by Tony Robbins and Dr. John DeMartini, Karim embarked on a path of intense inner work, which he describes as feeling like someone had turned on a light, exposing the mess he had created in his life, and how to clean it up.

Through applying the Boktor Method, a program Karim developed to facilitate real change through the subconscious mind, Karim went on to become a TEDx USA speaker and a Master Leadership Hypnotherapist.

He lives his life’s purpose by empowering others to break free from their limitations and enjoy fulfilling lives. Karim’s journey from feeling stuck to finding success proves how transformative inner growth can be.

This conversation is mesmerising and awe-inspiring – it gave me goosebumps!

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • That real change takes place when you change your subconscious programming.
  • How we create an identity based on our beliefs and the emotions attached to them (limiting or not).
  • Ways to move beyond coping and experience real transformation.
  • The power of being vulnerable without feeling scared and communicating without the armour.
  • How changing your inner world changes how your outer world looks.
  • Why we revert to what’s familiar when things get uncomfortable.
  • The impact on our fulfillment when our internal house is broken.
  • How staying stuck may be unconsciously serving us and how to move past it.
  • That growth never stops. When you’re at the peak of one mountain, you’re at the base of another.


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