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Creativity is not just about artistic endeavours, it’s a way of thinking and problem solving.

In this episode, the incredibly creative Abi Gatling shares how she uncovered the missing link between happiness and creativity in her profession and how she turned setbacks into opportunities that have paid off over time. From breaking free from playing second fiddle to building a business that truly fulfills her, she shares what she learned along the way. As a creative born and bred, she has a fresh perspective on creativity and its power beyond artistic pursuits.

Tune in for a fun episode and learn practical strategies to infuse creativity into your daily life and find inspiration in unexpected places.

Abi is on a mission to live a more creative life, so she started a podcast to help further that journey. In the Creativity: Uncovered podcast, Abi speaks with people from various industries and walks of life and finds out how they successfully unlock, unleash, and inspire their creativity.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How the absence of creativity contributed to a lack of career happiness.
  • How setbacks can influence our decisions for better or worse
  • What prompted her to put herself first after playing second fiddle for so long.
  • How she left the corporate world to build a business she wanted.
  • When others question your choices, it gives you more conviction in them.
  • That creativity is more about problem-solving than artistic expression.
  • Practical ways to get creative and find inspiration across life.

On the work front, Abi is an experienced marketer with a background in education, community engagement, design, and PR. Through her business, Crisp Communications, she offers outsourced, bespoke, and beautiful marketing and communications designed to grow your business.

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