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“Your self-worth is the foundation of your fulfillment” Jamie Kern Lima.

In this episode, I’m unlocking the secrets to a fulfilled life with insights inspired by the phenomenal Jamie Kern Lima off the back of the launch of her new book, Worthy. We dive into the subtle but profound difference between self-confidence and self-worth, tackle the value of receiving and giving, and uncover how you can be your biggest advocate.


The gold you’ll get:

  • The difference between self-confidence and self-worth and why it matters.
  • Why it’s valuable to give and to receive graciously.
  • The power of flipping the script for a fresh perspective.
  • Why advocating for yourself as fiercely as you do for others is vital.
  • How self-worth is the bedrock for a genuinely fulfilling life.


Books recommended:

Worthy by Jamie Kern Lima

Believe It by Jamie Kern Lima


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