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Sometimes, all it takes is a conversation about who you’ve been and who you want to become that changes everything.

In this episode, Shelly Medina takes us through her journey of self-discovery and opens up about redefining herself post-redundancy, making decisions when you’re no longer needed, and the twists and turns that led to falling into a lifelong career in financial services. Shelly candidly discusses the challenges of keeping up the pretence of being someone she didn’t end up liking and how a Star Wars reference triggered a shift from a hard-line to a heart-warming leadership style.

You’ll hear how Shelly became comfortable in her skin in her fifties and went from loathing to loving the gym after reshaping her relationship with her body. 

Join this heartfelt conversation about Shelly, a woman born to Colombian immigrants who finds joy and happiness by following her heart.


What we cover in this episode:

  • Redefining yourself following a redundancy.
  • How a tap on the shoulder sparked a lifelong career.
  • The challenge of pretending to be someone you’re not to please others.
  • How a Darth Vader comment triggered a conscious choice to lead differently.
  • From loathing to loving the gym by changing your relationship with your body
  • Learning to say no and overcoming the discomfort and guilt of putting yourself first.
  • Knowing that it’s not a failure if it takes longer, it’s just part of the process.


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