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When you look back at all that you’ve been through, it will tell you who you are.

Growing up in Mauritius, where opportunities for women are limited, Vee realized that pursuing her dreams would require her own efforts and uncomfortable decisions.

In her late 20s, Vee set out to rediscover herself and create a new identity by starting afresh and moving to Australia, knowing only one person. Drawing from her spiritual upbringing and courageous Mum, Vee found the inspiration and determination to build a life where she could break barriers, push boundaries, and express who she really is without limits or expectations.

This beautiful conversation illustrates that you can create a life of possibility and overcome challenges through self-discovery, courage, and staying true to you.

On a professional note, Vee R-Byrne is a lending expert and the Founder and Director of Lifestyle–V Finance, Global Commercial Advisory Group, and Gravity Business Lounge’ Haut Monde’.

What we uncover in this episode:

  • The opportunities that arise when leaving what’s comfortable to create a life you choose.
  • What happens when you lose your identity, rebuild it, and carry it everywhere.
  • How spirituality is a source of power providing the courage to keep going.
  • The decision to leave a secure corporate career to start a finance business without limits.
  • That real courage comes from knowing who you are and your unique value.
  • The liberation of navigating life without the pressure of others’ expectations.
  • The importance of having someone who reminds you of your value during moments of self-doubt.
  • The freedom of expressing yourself while staying true to your integrity.
  • That no one is ever a competitor, as starting points are always different.


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