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Everyone is creative, even you!

This episode is when I was a guest on the Creativity: Uncovered Podcast hosted by the creative genius Abi Gatling. It was episode 21 Expand your comfort zone (don’t step outside it).

In our conversation, Abi asked me to share some of my creative journey, which started slowly after being labelled “not creative” as a child. Then, another lack lustre experience in my twenties re-confirmed this label until I eventually found the courage to disprove it and unleash my creative self.

This lively conversation is full of nuggets to inspire everyone to keep learning, trying, and living their best, most creative lives.


Key takeaways from the episode:

  • Dispelling the myth that creativity is limited to artistic pursuits.
  • The role of creativity in enhancing value.
  • How to view creativity as an attitude and mindset rather than a skill set.
  • The science behind how new activities, hobbies, or challenges strengthen creativity.
  • The benefits of expanding your comfort zone rather than jumping out of it.
  • How to adopt a creative mindset in everyday situations.
  • Practical ways to unleash the creative genius that’s inside us all.

Stay tuned as Abi will be coming on as a guest on this podcast in a future episode, where I’ll dig deep and discover more about this glorious, creative woman.


Abi’s podcast: Creativity: Uncovered

For more incredible episodes check out the Creativity: Uncovered podcast hosted by Abi Gatling.

It explores how different people, across a range of industries, successfully unlock, unleash and inspire their creativity.

As Abi says, “Everyone has creativity inside them, however, some find it easier to uncover than others.”


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