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Challenging black-and-white thinking to uncover shades of possibility.

This episode challenges the conventional black-and-white thinking that often rules our lives.

Life is not a series of extremes but rather a large spectrum of in-betweens. I delve into the power of rejecting stereotypes where it makes sense, being more creative using improv techniques, and unlocking opportunities by breaking free from ‘either-or’ constraints.

It’s about discovering the beauty in embracing the grey and bringing more colour to life’s experiences.


Takeaways from the episode:

  • Life is a spectrum of in-betweens, not defined by extremes.
  • The value of challenging stereotypes and expectations.
  • Using the improv technique of “yes and” to be more creative.
  • Rejecting ‘either or thinking’ opens doors to new possibilities.
  • Embracing the grey brings more colour to life.


Mentions in episode:


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