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When you operate from a level of knowing, you make a bigger impact.

In this episode I explore the concept of ‘knowing’ and its impact on our lives. Inspired by Regan Hillyer’s program, “The Art of Manifesting,” focusing on the power of operating from a place of knowing and the importance of reprogramming ingrained beliefs to live life you way. Reflecting on my own journey and professional identity change, I introduce Byron Katie’s transformative process, “The Work,” as a valuable tool for challenging and reshaping perceptions, questioning beliefs, and re-evaluating judgments.

I know firsthand that while some support our journey, others may not – and that’s perfectly okay. When you show up as yourself and trust your knowing, you make a bigger impact.

Takeaways from the episode:

  • Trust the deep knowing within yourself.
  • Question societal norms and your beliefs.
  • Byron Katie’s process, “The Work,” to challenge and change perceptions.
  • Liberate yourself from unnecessary limitations by reframing your thoughts.
  • Accept that not everyone will understand or agree with your choices.
  • Focus on you, as everyone else is too busy focusing on themselves.



Loving What Is by Byron Katie. 

The Work by Byron Katie 

The Art of Manifesting – A Mind Valley program  

Regan Hillyer   

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