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The thing that you think is ordinary, is not.

In this episode, Jo Smyth shares her journey of courage, which in her forties led her to leave a corporate job and start her own business, and in her fifties, finalising writing a book called ‘Finding My Voice,’ which features the stories of 50 women and their experiences of courage.

Jo mentions that the catalyst for making life-changing decisions came after returning from two weeks-long women’s retreats to Fiji. In both cases, the uncovered revelations and the virtual support of a hundred women who had her back fuelled her to pursue things she had never thought possible.

Throughout this glorious conversation, Jo emphasises the importance of recognising and celebrating the courage within ourselves and others. She explores the strength of women in previous generations, the influence of strong women as role models, the benefits of sharing personal stories, and how it helps inspire others and discover yourself.

Jo Smyth, Managing Director of Twiga Group, is a dynamic business leader, Board professional, and specialist consultant who designs and delivers culture and change experiences for organisations to drive engagement and creative leadership across people, culture, and communication.

Jo is a ‘nice’ person who exemplifies the qualities of a giraffe  – quiet, clever, and adaptable animals, respected for their intelligence, and able to see things from a different perspective and respond with purpose.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Courage is found in everyday acts as well as heroic actions.
  • The motivations to leave a stable corporate job to start a business.
  • Recognising and celebrating the courage within ourselves and others is important.
  • Strong women role models empower others to find their strength.
  • Value exchange comes in various forms beyond cash.
  • Holding the mirror to yourself can expose your value.
  • Journeys of courage transcend age.
  • Sharing personal stories can help you find yourself.

Finding My Voice Book: Proceeds from the book will help support women’s causes and encourage more women to share their voices.

Get in touch with Jo:

Website: Twiga

LinkedIn: Jo Smyth  

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