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Come home by listening to what’s true for you and voicing it.

In this captivating episode, Lisa Britcliffe shares her incredible journey of courage, highlighting the importance of staying true to yourself and trusting your internal guidance. Lisa candidly recounts pivotal moments, including leaving a seemingly perfect marriage to unveiling a hidden eating disorder and making a return to real estate, a career she walked away from years before. Through a miraculous inner quest, she found herself, uncovered her life’s purpose, and realised the power of making choices aligned with your inner truth.

This genuine, raw, and heart-wrenching conversation proves that we hold the key to improving our lives regardless of our past. It’s a story of self-discovery, self-forgiveness, and personal growth. And the unlimited possibilities that are available when you come home to yourself.

Lisa brings passion, enthusiasm, highly attuned communication, and profound wisdom to all she does. From her work in real estate and coaching and across all interactions, her intuitive and perceptive nature makes her an endearing mentor and dedicated friend. Thriving on meaningful relationships, Lisa supports people through life transitions and property decisions, ensuring an easy and fulfilling experience.

With a Bachelor of Business, Lisa blends academic knowledge with practical understanding. She cherishes time with close friends, family, and her three sons. She is a published author, avid meditator, music enthusiast, and dance lover. Known for her honesty and easy-going nature, Lisa finds inspiration in the simple joys of life, from sunrises to learning (currently Gene Keys) to journaling and quiet moments in nature.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • The value of your inner guidance for making life-changing decisions.
  • When you give your power away, you lose connection with what’s true for you.
  • It’s not what happens but the meaning we attach to an event that holds us back.
  • Going beyond your mind and trusting your inner knowing
  • You allow incredible things to happen when you get out of your way.
  • Overcoming self-imposed limitations through introspection and inner work.
  • The key to handling transitions with ease and grace is the proper support.
  • Using the Gene Keys hologenetic profiling system to tap into your life’s purpose and potential.
  • Challenging the norms by returning to real estate in a heart-centered and intuitive way.
  • Taking an intentional micro step can change your life.

Resources Lisa mentioned:

Find out about Gene Keys hologenetic profiling.   

Get your free Gene Keys personal profile.

Read Lisa’s book, The Dawn of Hope by Lisa Winneke  

Get in touch with Lisa:


FB: Lisa Britcliffe 

LI:  Lisa Britcliffe

IG: Lisa Britcliffe  

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