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“I learned quite quickly that whatever I want, I can actually create.”

Despite a challenging background, feeling judged as an outcast, and leaving school at 14.5 years old, Shantelle is proof that resilience, determination, and a positive mindset can create a life that makes you proud. Without following the conventional path, Shantelle’s self-made success came from her eagerness to learn, grow, ask
questions, embrace opportunities, and adapt to new challenges.

She knows the value of working hard, the rewards of using initiative, and the transformative power of personal development.

Shantelle is currently the National Distribution Manager for Watershed Funds Management, the proud Mum of three kids, and with her husband Jason, the owners of the Asian-inspired Flavour Bomb Café in Emerald. Determination and courage are her superpowers, and she believes there is magic on the other side of fear.

This is an uplifting conversation with Shanelle about her remarkable journey and a glorious reminder that our challenges and adversity are gifts that can unlock our greatness.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Other’s belief in you creates a safe space tlearn, grow, and give things a go.
  • Crossroads are opportunities tdecide your path.
  • How boundaries improve relationships.
  • It’s your choice tstop history repeating itself.
  • Qualifications are not the only path tsuccess.
  • When you decide and believe, the universe steps up.
  • Magic happens when you run towards fear rather than be chased by it.
  • A positive attitude can take you tthe next level.
  • Behavioural change comes from repetition or emotional impact.
  • Being your best is a daily practice.

Get in touch with Shantelle:

Work Website: Watershed

LI: Shantelle Lay

Flavour Bomb Café website

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