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Courage is what you get when you step into vulnerability, face your fears, and find ways to move forward.

Mark Zaglas can trace his journey to courage back to his childhood curiosity, where excuses for setbacks and bullying at school led him to find inner confidence through training, competing, and teaching martial arts. Since then, Mark’s life has been a never-ending journey of expanding boundaries, testing limits, and building deep,
authentic human connections. He shares uncomfortable truths men shy away from and captures what happens when you pursue all you do with passion, mastery, and a calling to leave a lasting legacy that changes lives.

Mark Zaglas is the CEO of Encore Advisory Group, which is dedicated to growing sustainable, exceptional, multi-disciplined advice firms. Their purpose is to make financial advice more affordable and accessible, reducing the negative impact financial stress has on mental health in Australia.

Mark calls himself a wannabe professional ultra-runner, spare time photographer, and lifelong curiosity merchant. Finding hidden trails has led him to a daily habit (almost) of running and racing distances from 10KM to 100KM. The only thing that makes him sit still is photography. But above all, curiosity keeps him disciplined and fuels his endless desire to keep helping and learning.

This conversation is inspiring and heart-warming and captures courage in its essence. It will make you want to find the time and effort to go after what lights you up.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Bloking up’ to fit in only works if it’s who you are.
  • Vulnerability and insecurity exist even in the men’s shed.
  • Your values are the tent poles to moving forward in life.
  • Failures aren’t failures if you take learnings from them.
  • What life looks like when it’s all about acquiring experiences and adventures.
  • Confidence comes with knowing you can back it up.
  • Age is no limit to doing what you love (including ultramarathons).
  • Creative endeavors add personality, intuition, and perspective to life.
  • When your work is your calling, you change and save lives.

Get in touch with Mark:

Website: Encore Advisory Group
IG: Mark Zaglas
LI: Mark Zaglas

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