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“My job is to help you dress in a way where you can be your absolute best.”

If following the script of what ‘should’ make you happy leaves you yearning for a better life, change the script. This is precisely what Lucy Owens did. When her life no longer fulfilled her, she courageously quit and embarked on a journey into the unknown. Through a series of serendipitous events, she found herself in Buenos Aires, where she discovered a new love and unearthed her passion for styling.

Join us as Lucy shares pivotal moments that led her to embrace her calling, the challenges of starting her own business, and the profound impact style can have on your confidence and success.

Lucy Owens is the expert Personal Stylist and Image Consultant for female professionals and leaders, having helped countless women overcome the struggle of choosing the right outfits for the workplace. As someone who has climbed the corporate ladder herself, Lucy understands the immense power of looking and feeling confident. She knows firsthand the ripple effect this has on the ability of women to speak up, be seen, and be heard.

With a background in luxury fashion and hospitality, she brings a unique perspective and deep understanding of how to position yourself for success. As the founder of Style Rises, Lucy now focuses on helping women build a powerful personal brand image to advance and accelerate their confidence and careers or businesses.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Following your intuition and boldly stepping into the unknown
  • When you listen to the callings of your soul, things are easy and flow.
  • One small action can help you overcome overwhelm and start a new business.
  • Finding and expressing your style takes courage but is well worth it.
  • Personal style goes beyond clothing, it connects you to who you are.
  • Your signature style positively impacts your confidence, interactions, value, and well-being.


Get in touch with Lucy:

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