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“There’s this huge shame, stigma, and ageism attached to menopause, so I thought I better do something about it.”

Grace Molloy, the powerful CEO of Menopause Friendly Australia, is on a mission to remove the shame, stigma, and ageism surrounding menopause.

In this episode, Grace takes us through her incredible journey, spanning multiple careers in accounting, financial services, professional golfing, business development, commercial partnerships, and as a registered nurse. Discover how she fearlessly pursued happiness, pulled the pin when things didn’t feel right, and continued to repurpose her skills, leading her to where she is and should be today.

She also shares some of her challenges, including IVF, a career break, a marriage breakdown, and menopause, all of which provide invaluable lessons and guided her to the ground-breaking work to reduce the misunderstanding, taboo, and stigma that haunts so many when it comes to mid-life and menopause.

Grace’s journey is a powerful reminder that we need people like her to make the world a better place. Tune in for a doozy of an episode and to break the silence around such an important topic.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Pulling the pin when things don’t feel right.
  • Developed skills are never wasted; they’re repurposed.
  • Keep striving till you find your thing.
  • A unique approach to avoid high achiever perfectionism.
  • Juggling the transitions from a working woman to a full-time parent, a single Mum, and re-entering the workforce.
  • Prioritising your happiness makes you better able to help others.
  • The unexpected symptoms and early signs of menopause
  • The taboo, shame, ageism, and stigma attached to the midlife mayhem that impacts so many.
  • Getting the proper support and changing the narrative can make menopause a better experience.

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