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“Every person is born on purpose, for a purpose, and everyone has a story to tell.” Holly Salisbury 

Holly grew up before she was ten, helping raise her four younger brothers and protecting them from the heartbreaking, toxic domestic environment they lived in. As a little girl, it seemed like she was confined within a closed and sealed box, stifling her ability to express her ideas, opinions, dreams or pursue her desires.

Her childhood was all about survival, sacrifice, and making peace. One day, Holly made the heartbreaking decision to walk away, choose joy, and be true to herself.

Holly shares her incredible story of a beautiful little girl who, after 40 years, found the courage to rewire herself, step out of the box, and change the narrative. Against the odds, she grew into a remarkable and empowered woman, living her life purpose.

Holly chose the road less travelled and persevered to become a stronger, more capable, more loving, compassionate, and kind person. To use her voice, share her story, and believe in her value.

When you ask who she is, she says, “just Holly”. An everyday lady, doing everyday things. Her husband and kids are her priority, she’s incredibly observant and kind to all.

She’s a survivor who loves deeply and craves adventure. She’ll point out what’s wrong, then double back with praise! She finds joy in making others’ lives easier, and she’s kick-ass at life, family, and work admin. Holly fights against old narratives, honours her core values, and anchors herself to faith and hope. She desires a wealthy life full of relationships, fun, creativity, curiosity, and generosity. And to leave an undeniable and meaningful mark.

What you’ll learn in this episode: 

  • Purpose gives us an identity, a connection point.
  • Making sacrifices, choosing joy, and staying true to yourself.
  • When you know in your knower and feel it in your heart, take the risk.
  • Rewiring who you are to change the narrative.
  • Faith is a solid foundation, an anchor to keep coming back to.
  • Noticing and validating others is an innate gift.
  • A broken heart continues to bleed if only mended with sticky tape.
  • Valuing yourself creates a greater capacity to help others.
  • Pretty pens, rainbows, and love-heart stickers bring dreams to life.
Books suggested:    

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