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“It took me being honest with myself about what I really wanted and to stop procrastinating and being scared of the unknown.”

In this breathtaking episode, you’ll meet the incredibly brave Rosie Overcomer who was born into Gloriavale – a religious cult.

In a tremendous leap of faith, at 27 years of age, she made the courageous decision to leave the only life she knew. Her husband had already been banished twice, and during this time, she realised that her decision to go against all she knew and to trust her intuition would have a lasting impact on their six children and so many others.

She shares her story of why she escaped, her courageous journey to healing, and the extraordinary lessons, insights, and personal discoveries she’s had since.

Be prepared to be inspired, moved, and awestruck by Rosie’s triumphant story.

Rosie shares key learnings around:

  • The power of trusting yourself and your intuition.
  • Standing up for yourself and your values.
  • Breaking a contract, even at your soul’s so-called ‘peril’.
  • Moving past procrastination and being scared of the unknown.
  • Sharing your story and using your voice is a calling, a responsibility that can make a significant difference in others’ lives.

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Get in touch with Rosie:

IG: rosies_tribe


To explore your courageous journey and the steps you can take, book a free CLARITY CALL here.