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Knowing how valuable you are and the value you bring to everything you do – it’s the lighthouse.

From switching careers three times to drawing life lessons from primary school kids, Julissa Shrewsbury understands the power of aligning your values with what brings you freedom and joy.

Growing up as a shy ‘scaredy-cat’ who feared the unknown, she also believed in her ability to dream big, put in the hard yards, and achieve anything she set her heart on. Having never been afraid to throw everything out and start again, Julissa embraces Marie Forleo’s ‘everything is figureoutable’ approach to life and is proof that when you value yourself, you make a greater contribution to others.  

Tune in to learn from Julissa’s inspiring story and what it takes to be the boss of your life.

Julissa Shrewsbury is the Director of New Work Consulting, a specialist advisory working with organisations on how their people connect with and communicate the brand. Julissa is a skilled keynote speaker and a university-qualified educator with 20+ years’ experience teaching people of varying ages and backgrounds.  She has published two books, including The Powerful Personal Brand: Amplify your profile, communicate your value and own your space.

The first of her family to be born in Australia, Julissa is a proud Argentinian-Australian and explores the subjects of migration and culture in her personal creative projects. Julissa loves dancing (especially salsa), reading, and being by the sea!

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • How prioritising freedom and joy over safety and stability led to three career moves
  • The invaluable lessons from primary school kids about culture, resourcefulness, people, and business.
  • The importance of knowing when to push harder and when to listen to your heart.
  • Making hard things work is easier when they’re aligned to your values and personality.
  • How clarity is a clever hack to get the most out of networking.
  • Everything really is ‘figureoutable’ (as Marie Forleo claimed).
  • Being the boss of your life is a decision.
  • Knowing your value is the foundation for confidence and contribution.

Get in touch with Julissa:

Website: New Work Consulting  

LinkedIn: Julissa Shrewsbury 

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