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The best way to fire up a woman or inspire courage is when your nine-year-old daughter says, “You have to fix this, mum.”

Those words pushed Suzy Miller over the line to pursue her passion and create a
women’s leadership program in a regional area that literally transforms lives.

Suzy is no stranger to courage. With her name and executive title on an NAB
business card for 22 years, leaving to start her own business was scary. Now, with only her name on the business card, no team of executive assistants, or access to a replenishing stationary cupboard, Suzy realized the next adventure was all on her.

She embraced it with all the passion and enthusiasm that high-achieving growth
junkies do. And the leap paid off ten-fold.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How 22 years of corporate blood, sweat, and tears became the foundation of her
    leadership expertise.
  • Exposing the real superpower as an authentic leader happened when the superwoman cape came off.
  • The power of asking yourself who you want to be as a leader and making the change.
  • How a bold move to introduce herself skyrocketed her career.
  • Sometimes, having the odds stacked against you is the very reason to push forward.
  • Finding strength through channelling what grandma would say.
  • Any story ending with an empty bottle of black sambuca will be life-changing.


Suzy Miller is a leadership development specialist working with diverse leaders and organisations worldwide. Since 2011

Suzy and her team have supported professionals to become inspiring, relevant, and relatable leaders. They do this by delivering one on one executive coaching and group bespoke leadership and mentoring programs.

Suzy’s background as a Senior Executive with NAB bank, with over a decade
experience leading teams of up to 250 people, equips her to understand the complex challenges leaders face.

Throughout her career, Suzy has been passionate about taking her skills and
translating them into programs and presentations that lift the aspiration and
performance of underrepresented groups.

Get in touch with Suzy:

IG: Suzy Miller
FB: Suzy Miller
LI: Suzy Miller

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