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Where courage and action unite


Wed 2nd – Fri 4th October 2024 

Invest in yourself and see what’s possible! 

Unleash your most confident and courageous self

by elevating your mind, embracing your inner dancer,
conquering physical challenges and cherishing new friendships!

Unlock possibility

If you showed up as your most confident and
courageous self, what would be possible in your life?

Want to recharge, re-energise
and reset what’s possible for you?

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“If you want to be challenged physically, mentally and emotionally then this retreat is for you.  In order to grow humans need to be challenged, but growth only happens when this challenge takes place when we feel safe

~ Michelle Roberts ~

Do you need to do more for you?

Does it seem like you only celebrated the new year yesterday? 

And did you intend in 2024 to do more for yourself, invest in your growth, take better care of your health, spend more time with your family and friends but it’s not gone to plan. 

Or maybe you’ve lost your mojo, feel unfulfilled, or have stagnated. I bet you’re frustrated. 

You’re not alone. 

If you haven’t given yourself the time and attention you want and deserve…

This is for YOU!

The Courageous Me.ACTION Retreat

Welcome to the Courageous Me.ACTION Retreat!
 It’s an experience to bring out the best in YOU!

I found everything changed when I got curious about what lights
me up, clarified my purpose, embraced my values, and took intentional action. 

When I got courageous in one part of my life, there was a
ripple effect across the rest of it. 

That’s what this retreat is about, for you:

You get to:

GROW your mind
for possibility

DANCE till your
heart’s content

body physically

LAUGH because it
feels so good

You get to:

DANCE till your
heart’s content

body physically

GROW your mind
for possibility

LAUGH because it
feels so good

Action makes things happen

It’s not a talk fest.

It’s an ACTION retreat.

Enrich your mind in Courageous Me.Masterclass
sessions where you’ll learn, grow, and explore your
limitless potential.

Dance like Beyonce as you master a
choreographed routine and perform it.

Conquer a challenging outdoor obstacle course 
showing you’re capable of anything.

Enjoy juicy conversations and heart-warming
friendships with all on this journey together.

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“Getting the opportunity to meet an amazing group of women from all different walks of life was so great, and spending time working on ME was something you just don’t do every day.

The retreat was exceptionally well pulled together and professional at every level, right down to the fully chef catered menu – just terrific.

I had a wonderful time and took so much from it.”

~ Lisa Maher ~


Elevate your mind

Courageous Me.Masterclass sessions to learn, grow and
expand what’s possible for you.


Clarify what you want, what’s
holding you back, and what changes would help you get ahead.


Build your confidence so it has a ripple effect across your all areas of your life.


Believe in yourself, own your value, and feel empowered to move forward and welcome the unknown.


Be open, vulnerable, speak freely,
and be honest. Feel safe to be you
without judgement or expectation.


Break free from limiting beliefs and make decisions about your life as you choose.


Apply practical, proven tools and
techniques that free you to pursue whatever you want.

This retreat opened up a journey of self discovery. It has made me look at my journey and appreciate the highs and lows of how far I have come. The experience of hearing from such a diverse group of women is both humbling and inspiring.

Genuinely the best investment in myself.”

~ Shelly Medina ~

What’s possible if courage took centre stage in your life?

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“Women are bloody awesome and even strangers can work together to achieve an amazing goal.

Anything is possible – even learning a dance routine in two days!”

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kimpayne Retreat Elements

Here’s the deal

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“There are shortcuts to happiness, and dancing is one of them.”

~ Vicki Baum ~

All about you

For two days and two nights, you get to reset and prioritise
your growth, happiness, and well-being in an intimate
group setting with phenomenal women.

A splendid location

Nestled in the heart of nature, a magnificent homestead
just 90 minutes from Melbourne sets the stage for your courageous journey

The perfect time

We kick off at 2pm on Wednesday, October 2nd, till 10am on
Friday, October 4th, 2024.

It’s the perfect time to invest in you.

“This retreat has just the right amount of challenging situations, thought-provoking discussions plus plenty of fun and laughter 

and it gave me a unique opportunity to meet some truly inspiring kick-ass women. 

Do yourself a favour and book a spot on Kim’s next retreat”

~ Michelle Roberts ~

An all inclusive journey that’s all about YOU!

Grow your mind

Immerse your mind in Courageous Me.Mastermind sessions led by me. Take time to pause, reflect and clarify what lights you up, what you want, what’s holding you back and the changes you need to make. Gain valuable insights, learn practical tools and access the support so you feel pumped about the year ahead.

Boogie your butt off

Embark on a dance journey that includes learning and rehearsing a choreographed routine by Tennille Chambers, founder of Born to Boogie Dance Connection, and enjoy performing it on the final night.

Challenge your body

Engage in an outdoor adventure obstacle course led by a trained instructor. It’s designed to push your mental and physical boundaries, reminding you that age and responsibilities don’t define what you’re capable of.

kimpayne Retreat Elements
kimpayne Retreat Elements
kimpayne Retreat Elements

Relax in nature

Enjoy two nights in a private homestead, nestled in mother nature with breathtaking views. It is a 90-minute drive from Melbourne and offers private and twin-share accommodation.* There are plenty of shared bathrooms and amenities to cater for all.

Replenish your energy

Bask in the oasis of relaxation and rejuvenation. Indulge in the outdoor hot tub, dip in the two swimming pools, have a hit of tennis, or relish ‘you’ time at the in-house cinema or with a riveting book. You deserve it!

Eat, drink, and laugh (a lot)

All meals, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, coffee, and tea are provided by our awesome retreat chefs. You can sit back and relax knowing you’ll be fed and nourished without lifting a finger. 

PS. It’s caffeine and alcohol** friendly.

*There are private rooms with King or Queen beds and  twin share accomodation available depending  on numbers.

**Alcohol is not supplied, but you’re welcome to BYO

You deserve it!

You deserve it!

Ahhh the serenity

“I went to the retreat feeling stuck and deflated and came back feeling energized and in control of my future

~ Nicole Payne ~


“I loved being mentored by Kim, who inspired me to grow both, personally
and professionally,and develop my talents.”

~ Natallia Smith ~


An investment in YOU

that your future self will thank you for

One payment



everything included (even gst)

Prefer to pay in full via EFT, CLICK HERE for an invoice
Or pay in three instalments of $567 each, CLICK HERE

Unleash your most courageous self

by elevating your mind, embracing your inner dancer,
conquering physical challenges and cherishing new friendships!

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Hi, Kim here.

Your retreat host

kimpayne Mastermind

As a keynote speaker, trainer, and empowerment coach for three decades, I’ve been helping brilliant professionals who, despite their impressive credentials and accomplishments, often feel frustrated and undervalued.

They’re looking for more than just traditional success measures. They want to feel fulfilled and rewarded in all aspects of their lives. To be clear on their purpose, do meaningfulwork and feel confident as themselves.

At the height of my corporate consulting career in financial services, as a single, 35-yearold workaholic, I was offered my dream job with a large consulting firm in the USA. All set to go, I had a nagging feeling something was missing. So, I declined the offer and, six weeks later, met the love of my life, settled down, and started a family.

This turning point kickstarted my journey to find more meaning and purpose in my life. As a result, I left the corporate world after twenty years for the freedom of owning my own business. I’ve never looked back.

I understand the challenges that women face, whether they run their own business, lead organizations, are starting out, or advancing their careers. I’ve faced many of these challenges myself and have learned how to turn them into opportunities.

My mission is to help more incredible women take
courageous action and live kickass liberated lives
where they’re seen, heard, and fully valued.

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kimpayne Mastermind

Listen to Tennille’s incredible story on
The Courageous Me podcast:
Ep 10. Turning a passion for dance into a thriving business

Meet Tennille.

Your dance teacher extraordinaire

Dance has always bought me so much joy! Over the years of learning to live a life of purpose and passion, my heart always comes back to dance. I dance at any opportunity I can as it’s the one thing that makes me feel happy and alive. I’ve studied many styles at private dance schools and university levels which has all been wonderful, but my true love is a good old boogie to a groovy track with a bunch of other dance lovers, be that on stage, or with my children, or with friends – old and new.

I came up with the name Born to Boogie as not only does it reflect a big part of who I am, but also the many individuals who were also born to boogie. You know when you are – a great track comes on, and your body can’t help but move! Born to Boogie isn’t about being the best. It’s about dancing because you love it and putting your energy into it because it makes you feel amazing. As author Vickie Baum so aptly put “There are shortcuts to happiness and dancing is one of them”.

Nothing makes me smile more than seeing our participants enjoying themselves in their lessons and shining on stage. At those times, it is the realisation of my vision that has come to fruition.

Born to Boogie is for the people. I am inspired by their courage to shine their light as we are all born to do.

Tennille Chambers
Founder – Born to Boogie Dance Connection

born to boogie logo

Meet Melina.

Your master chef

Since childhood, Melina, a baking enthusiast, kicked off her culinary journey in grade 5, winning her first cake competition with the iconic piggy cake from the Women’s Weekly cake book. Inspired by her great grandma’s baking legacy, Melina delved into cake decorating during high school, refining her skills at a local cake decorating school to master innovative techniques.

At 16, Melina courageously left high school to pursue a baking and pastry apprenticeship. She represented Victoria in the National Bake Skills competition in 2001 and 2002, winning many awards, including best chocolate base invention cake (otherwise known as her Wicked Belgian Mud Cake). Working alongside and being mentored by some of the best pastry chefs and bakers in Australia, she was Victoria’s food apprentice of the year in 2002 and represented her state in the National LA Judge Baking Awards.

With 25 years in the food industry, Melina is a pastry chef, cake baker, and bread maker. She’s a regular at local farmers’ markets and operates two businesses, Regnier Cakes and Events on Citrus, providing the space and in-house catering for memorable events, including corporate functions, personal gatherings, workshops, parties, and more! Her culinary expertise is the secret ingredient behind the extraordinary flavours that grace all her events, particularly her signature cakes and sweets.

Melina Regnier
Regnier Cakes | Events on Citrus

Regnier cakes logo
events-on-citrus logo
Melina the Chef

Listen to Melina’s incredible story on
The Courageous Me podcast:
Ep 44. Standing up for yourself is a stand for others

Meet Browyn.

Your other master chef

I’m a seasoned Pastry Chef and an award-winning Floral Designer with a lifelong love affair with baking and flowers. I’ve always had a knack for baking, from my childhood mornings raiding my Mum’s cake mix stash and buying every cookbook available to master my skills.

Then came my fascination with flowers and a journey into floristry after a nudge from Mum, who insisted I learn a thing or two before diving in. So Mum, my sister, and I completed a floristry course, which led Mum to start a business called Buds N Roses in 1988, which I eventually took over in 2011.

While mastering the art of floral design, I also honed my baking abilities as an apprentice Pastry Chef. Balancing both worlds became second nature – whipping up cakes by day and arranging flowers by night, often with my kids as my little helping hands.

With each cake baked and bouquet arranged, I found incredible joy in merging my two passions and have infused countless weddings and special occasions with a sprinkle of baked sweetness and a touch of flowery bloom.

Today, I devote my attention to my florist business Buds n’ Roses and satisfy my love of baking by working alongside others.

Bronwyn Robinson
Buds n’ Roses

Got a question?

Everything mentioned above, which is pretty much everything, even gst.  And there’ll be a few surprises which I know you’ll love! What’s not included is your travel to and from the venue and any booze you want to drink.

If you want more, let’s discuss what you need and how I could help after the retreat.

We have the most amazing awards winning chefs as part of our incredible retreat crew. They will cook and prepare all your  meals from scratch, serve them, and clean up. Yep, no dishes for 2 nights! All dietary requirements are catered for. I will email you before the retreat to ask what this looks like for you.

The food provided depends on what’s in season and what the chefs know we’ll love. I guarantee your taste buds will thank you.

I’ll send you all the information needed for the retreat in advance, including what to pack so you can enjoy the adventure.

There are private rooms with King or Queen beds and twin rooms available. You can put in a request for a private room. All bathrooms are shared. 

If you want to show up as a more confident and courageous version of you, and do whatever you need to make your life even better (personally or professionally), then yes, this is for you!

Still not sure? Get in touch by clicking on the button below.

Got more questions, click below to get in touch.

Join us, 

invest in you.

You’re worth it!

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