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Abundant success starts with you

I’ve always been a coach junkie.

Since forever, I’ve always had coaches in my life – for sports, work, and personal matters. They’ve been my rock, guiding me every step of the way.

But things got interesting when I ditched the corporate world and jumped headfirst into my business in 2010.

Naturally, I beelined for a business coach to help me build a solid foundation and make my new venture a success.

But here’s the kicker: no matter which coach I hired, they always seemed to dig into my personal life and bring up stuff from my past.

And you know what?

Every single time, I resisted and pushed back, saying, “I just want to focus on the business.” If they didn’t budge, well, they got the boot. Kindly, of course.

But then, along came this new coach, and he hit me with a truth bomb.

He brought up a touchy subject I had unknowingly been avoiding: my dad’s incredible success in the financial services industry.

Spending most of my career in the same industry, I didn’t want any part of my success to ride on his coattails. I craved to make it alone, without any help or connection to his achievements.

I was an independent woman, after all.

This new coach had the guts to tell me straight up, “Kim, your resistance to asking your dad for help is part of a bigger problem. You think you have to do everything yourself and are too stubborn to ask anyone for assistance.”

And you know what? It hit me like a ton of bricks.

After a long, eye-opening conversation, it became crystal clear: If I wanted to build a better business, I had to become a better me.

So, from that ah-ha moment, I realised the only thing holding me back was… well, me.

If I could break free from my self-imposed barriers and stop sabotaging my success, there would be no limit to what my business could achieve.

And here’s the thing, as I worked on myself, it had a ripple effect on my business. I became more self-aware and resilient in the face of setbacks and tapped into a wellspring of creativity I never knew I had.

It worked!

In my latest podcast episode of “Courageous Me,” I had an insightful chat with Ksenia Belova, a super-talented personal brand photographer. And guess what she revealed?

Her success was directly linked to the time and effort she put into her personal growth. Ah-ha!

I get it. Not everyone is gung-ho about self-improvement, but from my experience, investing in myself has made all the difference.

Whether working with coaches, participating in masterminds, devouring podcasts, and books, or taking courses, it’s all contributed to feeling successful based on how I define it.

Success isn’t about living up to others’ expectations or conforming to society’s rules.

It’s about defining what success looks like on your terms.

Knowing what lights you up, what matters, and how you want to feel. And importantly, how it plays out in all areas of your life, not just work. When this is clear, it’s much easier to figure out the steps to make it happen.

Because no matter what, you are your best investment. You’re worth it.

Cheers, Kim

P.S. Don’t miss the riveting conversation on the latest episode of the Courageous Me podcast, “Creating Abundant Success through personal growth with Ksenia Belova.”
Trust me; it’s a pearler!

Tune in on any podcast platform, Apple and Spotify here.

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