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Who are you?

Our incredibly brave guest, Ruth Fae, was confronted with this challenging question after a marriage breakdown which set her on a life-changing path to finding the answer, reinventing herself, and uncovering her purpose.

Ruth’s courageous journey involved confronting uncomfortable truths, unravelling a troubling past, and openly sharing her deeply personal story. Through vulnerability and determination, she found her own healing and sparked positive change in the lives of so many others through the power and gentleness of storytelling.

Ruth continues her pursuit through her work as an Intuitive Writing Coach and Editor, Bestselling Author, Speaker, and Youth Mentor. A believer in the unlimited potential of co-creation, she helps silenced voices be healed and heard through the powerful, timeless, and magical process of storytelling.

While working as a journalist and copywriter, Ruth learned that sharing the wisdom of our experiences helps us to heal, nurture, and connect. In a safe and nonjudgmental space, Ruth guides aspiring and established authors to find their voice and speak their truth. She works in energetic flow with her clients to break through their writing blocks, release their stories from their heads and hearts, and confidently share their message with the world.

This episode is deep and emotional, yet the message of hope and healing is remarkable.

**Please note the trigger warning at the beginning of the episode which is
important to hear before tuning in. **

What you’ll learn:

Words are like magic, allowing you to cast spells and create connections.

How a major life transition led to questioning ‘who am I’ and embracing a new identity.

A deep sense of purpose is an inspiration to push past fear and pursue personal growth.

Real courage is about making conscious choices.
The therapeutic and empowering benefits of owning and sharing your story.

Being open, vulnerable, and visible creates a ripple effect of positive change.

Dinner table conversations are ideal for connection, understanding, and discussing everything.

Get in touch with Ruth:

Website: : Ruth Fae writer
IG: fae_blood_publications.
FB: Fae Blood Publications.
LI: Fae_blood_publications. 

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