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Life would be boring if it were a fairy-tale or perfect, like Barbie’s world.

In this episode, I invite you to discover the sheer joy of embracing imperfections and the realities of life. By shifting perspective, we can make any situation more useful and find the silver lining even in the darkest clouds.

I share a powerful way to tackle working mothers’ guilt and a personal story that illustrates the value of making and owning our decisions. I’ll delve into the challenge of managing our expectations and how sweet ambition is if handled with care.

Life is far from perfect, and that’s what makes it so beautiful.

Join me in this episode and learn about:

  • Embracing imperfection adds colour to life.
  • The power of useful beliefs over positive thinking.
  • Balancing optimism with reality.
  • Reframing to alleviate working mothers’ guilt.
  • How boring life would be as a fairy tale or Barbie land.
  • The glory of owning your decisions.
  • Aiming high and giving yourself grace.
  • Conquering the hurdle of self-imposed expectations.
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