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Growing up, we often leave our childhood passions behind as distant thoughts. But for one courageous woman, she turned those cherished memories into a thriving business.

In this podcast episode, you’ll meet Tennille Chambers, the founder of Born to Boogie Dance Connection, an adult dance school with a unique vision to empower individuals through dance and performance.

Fuelled by her passion for dancing and a lack of inspiration from mainstream jobs, Tennille took a bold step at age 30 to start a dance school. Determined to make it a success, Tennille had to overcome self-doubt and the fear of rejection and go against societal expectations. It was a journey of self-awareness and personal growth that has seen Born to Boogie grow from 12 participants in the first semester to over 147 students in its ninth year (and surviving a pandemic).

Through dance and Born to Boogie, Tennille has transformed many lives, helping people overcome insecurities, develop self-confidence, and forge lifelong friendships while performing wicked dance moves.
Tennille is proof that a bold vision, courageous action, unwavering determination, and a supportive community can make any dream come true.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How confronting fears leads to remarkable growth.
  • Your past stories do not define your future.
  • Turning a childhood passion for dance into a business.
  • Developing a business mindset without formal training.
  • Overcoming the fear of rejection to fulfill a bigger vision.
  • Embracing vulnerability and self-belief is part of the journey.
  • The power of a supportive community for personal growth


As a six-time Born to Boogie student, I can attest it’s one of the most exhilarating and profound experiences of sisterhood, personal growth, and pure dance joy (at any age).

Whether you’re a dancing enthusiast, a Beyonce wanna-be, or need a soulful experience, check out Born to Boogie. It transforms lives on the dance floor.

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