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Grow your business, advance your career
and get more out of life.

YOu ready
YOu ready


What’s possible if you embraced life with renewed courage and unshakeable confidence?


Would you follow your dreams, snag the ideal job or build the dream business? 

And how would it feel to follow the fire in your belly and pursue your purpose?


It’s possible, that’s how I help.   



Do you feel like you’re destined for more?

But you don’t know what ‘more’ is.

The one reserved for ambitious women sold the dream of ‘having it all’?

Does this ring a bell?

You’re successful and accomplished,
but something’s missing.

You’re building a great business, but it’s not where you want it to be, yet.

You’re progressing at work, but it’s taking longer than expected to move up the ranks. 

Juggling work commitments and life’s to-dos leaves no time for you.

You’re caught up in daily grind, wondering when things will change. 

 It’s hard to chase your dreams.

But it’s harder to let them pass you by. 

Ring a bell

Do you know what you want? 

If a genie granted you a wish,
would you know what to ask for?

If a genie granted you a wish,
you wouldn’t know what to ask for.

The first steps for change…

 Getting clear on what you want.

 Taking courageous action to make it happen.

Are you ready to:


That ‘one day’ you've been
waiting for... is today!

Hi, I'm Kim

I’m on a mission to empower women like you to live kickass liberated lives where you’re seen, heard, and fully valued.

I believe every woman has a unique gift to share, a powerful voice to be heard, and a fire in her belly waiting to be ignited.

Together, we’ll help you break free from limitation, redefine success on your terms, and embrace endless possibilities.

To give that woman staring at you in the mirror a big high five.

Are you ready to make some changes, grow your business, or advance your career?

To step into the life you know you deserve. 

Welcome! You’ve come to the right place.

Here’s how I can help

Courageous Me

Join the studio audience as the Courageous Me podcast comes to you live!

Wednesday 12 June 5-7pm

Courageous Me

Unleash your most confident & courageous self and see what’s possible!

Wed 2nd October – Friday 4th, 2024

Courageous Me

An exclusive club for businesswomen that’s all about business growth, personal empowerment and courageous action.

Kicks off Friday 12 July 2024


Transform your audience through an interactive experience that elevates minds, uplifts spirits, and ignites action.

Keynotes and Presentations


Empower, elevate and unleash your peoples’ greatness through engaging team workshops and group trainings. 

Workshops | Training | Programs


Unlock your kickass, liberated life with the clarity, support, and guidance that turns uncertainty into decisive action.

One on one programs

Join me on the Courageous Me podcast,
where we’re all about inspiring you through incredible stories and sharing cool ways to add more courage into your life.

If that sounds like you,
tune in on your favourite podcast platform.

Join me on the Courageous Me podcast,
as we go on a journey to
reignite your passion, unlock your purpose,
inject more joy into all that you do.

If that sounds like you,
tune in on your favourite podcast platform.

Words of praise

Through our discussions I developed an incredible appreciation for who I am and all I have achieved.
Your knowledge and insights over our sessions affected and impacted me profoundly. No more self-doubt here. Life is a wonderful journey of twists and turns. I have surprised myself with the direction I am heading, retuning to recruitment but if feels so right.

So thank you, thankyou, thankyou, for being you, sharing your insights and helping me assess what’s important to me as I launch into a new chapter of life turning 50.

Vanessa Dean
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I loved being mentored by Kim, who inspired me to grow both, personally and professionally, and develop my talents.
In terms of execution, her track records were flawless, she had the capabilities to improve my confidence in my ability to succeed. We have successfully implemented every campaign we agreed on, and I contribute that success to her ability to guide me through the process and her excellent mentoring skills.

She is a great role model, a master of continuous improvement and applies her ‘soft’ skills to ensure others progress and develop further. I felt her active-listening mode was always turned on, she was tuned into my needs and my needs only.

Natallia Smith | Director | TruWealth
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Under her guidance I realised what I loved most, and what resonated most strongly with my WHY.
Kim Payne is such an inspirational mentor and coach.

Under her guidance I realised that what I loved most, and therefore what resonated most strongly with my WHY.

This frees me up to do what I love and I could not have achieved this without Kim’s mentoring, patience, tough questioning and guidance.

Michelle Roberts - Adviser | BCV Financial Solutions
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I feel gratitude every day for the leaps she helped me make.
Kim is such a delight to work with, she is energetic, enthusiastic, supportive and caring, and she has a wealth of resources and experiences to draw on.

Katrina Gay - Director, Financial Adviser | Nicholson Financial Planning
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